deciding whether grey 20 needs more work; starting a new one / by Philip Tarlow

3:48 PM: i painted over the previous version of grey 12, which i was not happy with. actually, it may be i'm not thrilled with the face of vermeer"s the girl with the red hat. i may shift gears totally tomorrow. i can't think streight right now, because i have intestinal tuurus. so i'm just going to rest, and see how i feel in the morning.








3 PM: after going back to the house and lying down for 1/2 hour with mikela, i returned to the studio, looked at what i had done & decided i didn't like it at all. right now it's on the cement floor under the big ceiling fan, drying, to prevent too much dripping. i thought it was too easy of a solution, and there was too much vermeer, not enough tarlow. nothing will be resolved today, but i don't regret what i've done. increasingly, i demand that each of these grey series paintings go deeper in discovering their identity. i have yet to trash one, but that could happen.

1 PM: i made some more revisions to grey 12, mainly to the girl's right eye and to the areas to the right & left of the figure, which were competing for attention with the face. I think it's improved, but i'll have to carry it to the house for the acid test. i'm working up the courage to contact the gallery in germany i have an introduction to. i really want to show the grey series in germany! i have no idea why, but i have a lot of certainty about that.




10:33 AM: i'm re-stretching grey 12 to hang in the house and casting furtive glances at grey 20 to determine if it needs more work. it's a bit too bright and flashy for my taste, but i'll sit with it while i prepare a new canvas.

on the right, a detail of grey 20, which i just re-stretched & hung in the living room.

i've just decided to go back into grey 12 and make some important adjustments. pics when available.