grey 20 resolved & inspiring revisions to others in the series / by Philip Tarlow

3:52 PM: here's the revised grey 11 at the end of my painting day. significantly different from the previous version, i think. i'll know better in the morning. i think, based upon today's escapade, that action painting was a better name for abstract expressionism. more later; preparing to clean up & walk up the creek.






1:25 PM: this is the first round of revisions to grey 11. it's already looking more interesting, and has clearly benefitted from all that i learned doing the marathon 12 iterations of grey 20, which i just resolved yesterday. it takes a while to evolve a new way of working. when you look back, you see how all the others could become more interesting, more vibrant and how the space could be broken up in ways that lead the eye towards creating it's own integration of space, rather than passively accepting a representational meme.




10:26 AM: grey 11, which i'll begin revisions on today.










7:13 AM: grey 20 has passed the gaze test, having been on our north living room wall overnight. so today it's going back to my studio, where it will be removed from it's wood backed stretcher bar and re-stretched. it's presence in the house has highlighted weaknesses in some of the other grey series paintings, which i'll start revising, starting with grey 12, inspired by the girl with the red hat. at the same time, i'll be starting a new one, 32x32." on the right, grey 20 leaning against the railing, about to be brought over to the studio for re-stretching after passing the gaze test