grey 22 tweaks / grey 23 commences? / by Philip Tarlow

3:36 PM: an early stage of grey 23, which i started after tweaking grey 15 and grey 22.  remember titian's 1509 painting, a man with a quilted sleeve ?

oh, how titian must have enjoyed painting that quilted sleeve!












11:18 AM: both grey 22 and grey 15 have been tweaked successfully. i felt that i needed my freshest energy for this, so i dove straight in, before my matcha tea or anything. and i was right. my instinct is sharpest when i enter my studio after a good nights sleep. BELOW are the 2 paintings post-tweak.

what did i do?  grey 15 on the left: the hand was re-worked and the black area just to the left of the hand was pushed back, as well as adding some textural elements and light grey brush strokes; enought so that it no longer grabs your eye as soon as you view the painting. and the highlights in that beautiful hair piece were highlighted a bit more.

 grey 22, on the right: the rectangular black element above her head was broken up with a bit of collaged green map, and some textural elements were introduced, allowing that dark area above her head to integrate with the rest of the composition. her pearl necklace was brought out, so that it becomes a more important part of the whole play of dots of light.

7:33 AM: in gazing at grey 22 temporarily hanging on our east living room wall, i can see a few tweaks are needed. not a lot; mainly breaking up the black rectangle above her head, which is a bit too monochromatic and blockish.





as well, grey 15, below right, could use a few adjustments, so both are going to the studio with me for some tune-up. if i can get to work early enough, i maybe able to begin grey 23 as well. i am slowly preparing internally for the presentation i'll be putting together for the director of a gallery in aachen, germany, to whom i have a good introduction.