grey 22 adventure continues / by Philip Tarlow

3:17 PM: end of painting day; i made some very good changes, i believe:








1:06 PM: current state of grey 22. it has found it's identity; i ended up including more of the lower portion of the face than i had intended, for compositional purposes.

".....deKooning reversed the relationship of image and painterly surface yet again; the image is outside, on top,and the painterly is inside, beneath."                john elderfield in his book,                        deKooning, a retrospective











12:08 PM: there's something liberating about painting flat on the table. here i'm waiting for it to dry under my big-ass ceiling fan so i can continue working. (i had to say to myself "i before e, except after c" thanks ms lee.

i was reading about deKooning's women during my lunch break. "an abstraction that is also a representation, its plastic and descriptive painterliness being descriptive of form in space-and also of space as form, as bodily form." thanks john elderfield. kind of describes my situation to a T!












10:35 AM: i have the painting flat on a table and am working that way for a while.......