tweaks to "the lacemaker" / by Philip Tarlow

3:17 PM: the lower and upper portions are more fully integrated, but i won't know till i take it back to the house. it's so much brighter and clearer than the previous version, i'm going to need some time to adjust my perception of this painting.

LATER: i think the blue and red need to be "pushed back" or made to recede and be less prominent; grab the eye less; allow the more sensitive areas to breathe. so that's what i'll do first thing tomorrow, before preparing another canvas. 

i do think it might be exciting to paint a severly cropped, larger, square version.





12:59 PM: following yesterday's revision of grey 9, i embarked this morning on a revision of the lacemaker. for some reason i can't figure out which number this is in the grey series. the numbering needs updating & i don't have time right now. so here's where it's at; clearly the lower portion, with it's intense blue, needs work. but i think there's an improvement to the upper half of the painting. part of the reason i decided to go back into this one was that the composition seemed cut in two. boldness is required to correct that. so i'll have a bite to eat and launch back in.

BELOW: the before and after: