more work on "grey 20" today / by Philip Tarlow

2:48 PM: i was cold and somewhat discombobulated when i arrived in my studio this morning. with the heat & hot water not coming back on till tomorrow afternoon over in the house, i had to take my shower here, after doing a castor oil wrap with a heating pad as a result of eating too much of the delicious costo, kirkland  brand of herring in wine sauce; a very fatty fish that sometimes provokes a gall bladder attack. love that stuff. lotsa sugar, and that taste of herring just sends me into ecstasy.

ten years ago, a denver doc told me i had to have my gall bladder out within the week. when the surgeon saw my test results, he said "you know, you need your gall bladder! don't believe what you read about it being a non-essential organ." he outright refused to take it out, and intimated that the doc, who he knew, was just in it for the bucks. thank god for that surgeon. i kept my gall bladder & have only very occasional problems, which the castor oil wrap takes care of every time.

so, back to grey 20. i did good work today, even though i got such a late start, and am considering bringing it over to the house to see how it looks in the company of the others. see what you think.

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