the project showcase in edwards & gypsum / by Philip Tarlow

today was a big day for the middle school kids. one they've been working towards for months. their presentations were interactive, designed to engage the visitors, of which there were about 200. it was a big success, with rave reviews from all the visitors, mostly parents and their friends. as the designated videographer for actionlab360, i was very busy shooting video which i'll edit once we're home. i'm going to turn selected clips into a short documentary, tracking the history of the kid's projects, starting in the fall of 2015. 

their enthusiasm, teamwork and perseverance through many obstacles was amazing to behold. we'll be  working with them again in the fall, with a greatly improved version of our educational product, now in beta: actionlab360

below are a selection of stills. when you clip on them, you'll see my commentary when you mouse over each one.