a look back at "ano kato" / by Philip Tarlow

1 PM: grey 21 on my easel. i've been working all day. there have been intermittent rain & thunder showers, so the light has been great to poor, but i'm used to working with it, going with it.  the collaged elements have not yet integrated with the image, based upon a fayum portrait painted about 113-138 in egypt by an artist who was almost certainly only a few generations removed from ancient greek prototypes. while these portraits were, many of them, placed on egyptian mummies, they are a continuation of the ancient greek tradition of portrait painting on panels. indeed, they are the only surviving examples we have of that tradition. none of the greek classical period portraits have survived, whereas these, placed as they were in egyptian mummy cases for burial, survived, buried in the dry, hot sands of egypt. they are some of the finest portraits in the entire history of art, and we can only imagine the magnificence of the greek prototypes. 



6:59 AM: today is my birthday, which i will spend in my studio painting. this afternoon, we might go to the crestone creamery for a delicious home made ice cream!

this is a look back at my nov. 2015 exhibition, ano kato at gremillion & co fine art in houston, texas. this painting is titled acroplolis museum 1, 56x68" oil on linen. it is based upon photos i shot at the then brand new museum in athens, just across from the acropolis.