a few slight tweaks to grey 12 today / yesterday's sunset / by Philip Tarlow

7:07 PM: i did a little work on grey 21 this afternoon. it's based on another fayum painting, but this is still very early stage. i should be able to take it much further tomorrow. right now, she looks a little peculiar, even scary. that will all change tomorrow, which is MY BIRTHDAY!







11:42 AM: the tweaks to the earrings and necklace are done, and i'm satisfied this painting is now resolved. so i'll re-stretch it onto as stretcher bar without the wood backing, and begin work on a new painting. it was very tempting to make more modifications, but you have to know when to stop. 

ever hear the story of bonnard entering a paris museum; i think it was the louvre, with a heavy overcoat, under which he was hiding his palette & brushes? he waited for the guards to look the other way and made a few tweaks he thought were necessary. i've never tried to research and verify this story, but it's a great story!

the difference is hard to discern in a photo, but yesterday's version is on the left; if you click on one of the images below then on the right or left arrow on your screen, the full screen image makes it much easier to see.

7:57 AM: today i'm going to make a few very slight tweaks to grey 12, and then re-stretch it. it's just about where it needs to be, but the earrings & necklace need to pop just a tad more. just a little bit....i'll post pics & you'll see.

yesterday's sunset from our east facing deck: