yesterday's walk / resolving grey 12 / shaving / by Philip Tarlow

2:20 PM:  as soon as i entered the studio this morning and gave grey 12 my first glance, i knew: it was history! so i collaged more bits onto it, did a little scrumble, then began creating a new image, inspired by a fayum portrait painted in about 130-160 in antinoopolis. i found the image, very beautifully reproduced and discussed in the award winning, beautiful book of fayum portraits by my dear old friend and fellow artist from greece, euphrosyne doxiadi. by the way, although i have the greek language version, the english edition is about to be published.

BELOW: left: grey 12 as it looked yesterday afternoon; middle: as it looked at about 11 am today and, right: as it looked at about noon.





9:02 AM: recently i switched from shaving with my philips/norelco electric shaver to a gillette mach 3  mult-blade shaver. 

PROS: much closer shave, allowing me to shave every other day (the photo on the right is taken on day 2, & it looks like i just shaved); a wonderful feeling of tingling freshness afterwards, perhaps enhanced by my use of this neutrogena shave cream; you get to experiment with various techniques for getting all the tricky spots while avoiding nicks & cuts; you don't have to go over the same area 3-4 times to get the pesky hard to reach areas; much smaller & lighter to travel with+no charging to worry about.

CONS: you do inevitably get the occasional nick or cut...just a tiny piece of tissue fixes that; cost wise, it might be a tad more, depending on how often you replace the expensive head on the philips/norelco and how many shaves you can get with each new mach 3 head...jury still out, but i think i can get 4-5 shaves; you can't just do a quickie dry shave touch up before an event or meeting, maybe even in the car, like you can with an electric.

CONCLUSION: very glad I switched!

8:10 AM: On our trail walk yesterday, we witnessed many plants & trees springing to life. At many points, the drop down to the creek is very abrupt & strewn with large boulders, so you definitely don't want to trip.

This article gives some great information on the value to the brain of hiking in nature: 

i'll walk over to the studio in about an hour and see what needs to be done next on grey 12.