back at my easel / the opening at space gallery / by Philip Tarlow

3PM: the sky is getting very dark, & rain is imminent. i'm stopping here for today. the painting has gained in warmth. while i did emphasize select areas of off-whites to make it pop a bit more, it's not as defined as it was a few stages back and still maintains it's overall integrity, without having your eye get stuck on any of the details.

as long as it doesn't start raining, i may bring it back over to the house, where it can be viewed alongside the others in the series. the upper floor of our house, where our east & west living rooms are, has become a gallery for the grey series, so it's possible to asses them as discreet paintings as well as together as a series.

this one is approaching my ideal, of a painting that's viscerally exciting, like a great desert or sex.












1:07PM: i'm back at my easel, working into grey 17. it was a bit too greyed out, so i'm tweaking some of the lighter areas so they pop more. i'm always alert to the dangers of getting too caught up in the descriptive, so at any point these grey series paintings are subject to a sudden and sometimes vigorous scrumbling. i'm even considering taking a step backwards in my process and including more collaged elements.


the space gallery opening:

2 nights ago, reMARKable opened at space gallery in denver. i gave a talk at 5:30, and invited three of my fellow artists participating in the show to jump in and talk about their work.

below are some pics from the opening. if you've never visited space gallery, it's quite beautiful. the space, as you can see, is very large and on two levels. the architecture is contemporary, elegant and uniquely well suited for works of art. the atmosphere at the opening was intimate, warm, relaxed.....a refreshing experience. 

.Mikela is holding the burnett's adopted daughter, recently arrived from India. When it came my turn to stroll about with her, she wanted to touch every single painting. She is delightful. the kid i'm talking with in the last pic is asher, one of whose beautiful drawings i have here in my studio.