grey 20 undergoes a scrumble /re-arranged studio pics / by Philip Tarlow

4:42 PM: end of painting day. i did another minor scrumble, since the light became better for a bit. to be continued tomorrow morning.

i was almost at the point of painting over this image altogether and starting fresh, but i feel like there's something here i want to explore further before giving up,






2:49 PM: i worked into the scrumble & it started becoming, yet again, too specifically a portrait, which is not what i want. i want a painting.

the skies are once again darkening & the wind picking up, as waves of moisture push up from the southwest. so it might be time to take a little break & resume editing video clips until our actionlab360 related conference call in about an hour.

11:58 AM: the post scrumble grey 20. i have to gaze at it for a while before making a move or not.




9:53 AM: i'm about to scrumble grey 20, to reduce specificity and introduce mystery.






BELOW: pics of my re-arranged studio. this new arrangement makes painting way easier; everything is located to my right instead of my left as before. and the height of these 2 metal tables on wheels makes mixing my colors and reaching for a brush far more convenient. gone is the rickety white wooden table, always threatening to fall over.