grey 20 continues+ unexpected work space re-org / by Philip Tarlow

grey 20 at 2 PM

2:30 PM: i'm stopping for the day. grey 20 has come a long way. i think it will just need a few minor tweaks tomorrow. it has a strong presence. the images you see from now on will be finer, as well as having been shot in raw mode. although i've had this nikon D7200 since december, i just now realized i hadn't been shooting in raw mode, set to fine jpeg as can see the results in this shot as well as the details below and all future pics. now i'll have to go back and re-shoot the entire grey series, which are still fortunately in my possession.

right now i'm exhausted, and i think once i post this and before i do some video editing, i'll lie down in my "black chair," which is a leather recliner specifically designed to relax your back. when you tilt it all the way, your feet are slightly higher than your head. 

grey 20 at noon today.




12:38 PM: after doing a complete re-org of my work area & moving my colors, brushes & palettes to totally new & far more convenient tables, i thought i wouldn't have the energy to resume work on grey 20. WRONG! i launched into it like a bull fighter in the arena; like a violinist or cellist taking his/her instrument and playing for all he/she is worth. like a madman. like a man in love. the pathos evoked by this dwarf's visage is palpable. i thought for a moment i was barking up the wrong tree, departing from my beloved vermeer to interpret this detail from a velasquez painting. but no. this dwarf and i are buddies now. i feel his pain. his glory at being in the royal court and his knowledge of his fate, sealed the moment he was born a little person.

so here's the current state of affairs. i've got one more orund in me before cleaning my brushes and transitioning into editing. i have about 3 more weeks to edit the footage i shot on our last trip to edwards. some clips will be for investors; some for schools we want to pilot in and one will be shown at the showcase the kids have been preparing for in late may.

then, weather permitting, we'll take our walk up n. crestone creek .

BELOW: 3 details of grey 20