grey 20, day 2 / by Philip Tarlow

3:50 PM: i'm stopping here, to be continued tomorrow. grey 20 is 36x38", mixed media on canvas. it has gone through 3 distinct stages thus far, one of which was based on a turbaned head, a detail of a painting by rembrandt. here, i've returned to vermeer's lacemaker. collaged elements continue to peek through. the look of a time worn poster, or perhaps graffiti art keep good company with the painterly strokes i so love in the entire history of art. as was the camera obscura for vermeer, so are the wiki commons hi-def images for me. they give me a window into the subtle details of these paintings i could not otherwise access, even in person, unless the painting were isolated in a restoration room under bright lights. "painters," my friend hockney used to say, "will use any means at their disposal that facilitates their goal of making high art." 

BELOW, some details

1:05 PM: current state of grey 20. still working; commentary later.








11:55 AM: this is the current state of grey 20. at the moment, it's a variation on the lacemaker theme. quick break, then back to work. more pics as soon as available.