grey 9 transformation / by Philip Tarlow

3:40 PM: stage 3:

stopping here for the day, actually, for the week, since we drive up to edwards tomorrow to do some more work with the teachers & kids at 2 middle schools. now that the kids have the beta, we're getting very valuable feedback, which is overwhelmingly positive. so it's exciting, because suddenly it hit us we have a great and much needed product! the kids love that they can take ownership of their learning, and choose how they learn, which can be tailored to their learning style. it's very cool! and it all started with national's a long story. 








1:30 PM: stage 2:

12:20 PM: the weather has finally turned, bringing warmer, seasonal temps and clear skies. i see us walking this afternoon. 

after living with grey 9 for over a month, i decided to completely re-work it. all that was left of the poor lacemaker was a half hidden hand in an otherwise abstract painting. not a bad painting, but not really where i'm at with this series, which morphs well known vermeer paintings into present time semi-abstract free wheeling, gestural events. this one, 48x24" is based upon the love letter, which my mentor and friend tsarouchis was obsessed with. now i understand why! i've already done one version, which you'll find on the grey page on the drop down menu.

so this morning i dove right in, as is my wont and began transforming, all the while having tremendous fun. the brushes i'm using, all of them fan brushes at this point, are a bit like wielding a sabre and moving up, down and across the canvas like an ice skater on ADT (from the tv show, the name of which escapes me at the moment.) it's a pill that ups your game 1000% and gives you super powers. so back to my work, until i crap out, usually around 2-3 pm. 

charles, if you are reading this, that's a good time to call by the way.