zen luncheon / preparing for grey 19 / by Philip Tarlow

4:05 PM: just back from our lunch at the zen retreat center, here are some pics. reconnected with people in the community we haven't seen for a while. great conversations, great food, super great desert.

i managed to stretch 2 canvases this morning: 38x36" and 32x32," which i'll start working on when we're back from edwards.

10:53 AM: marking off the canvas for grey 19 and 20.

7:29 AM: today our work day will be broken up, since we're invited to the lunch at the Zen Retreat Center at noon. but we've gotten an early start, so we should be able to get some work in before leaving. my plan is to prepare a new canvas for the next in the grey series, grey 19. i think the kind of cropping you saw in this most recent grey 18 might continue, although i never know until i get started. and even then, as you've seen, these paintings morph 3-4, sometimes even 5-6 times before finding their space. here's an example; these are stages grey 18 has gone through: