good morning mountains! / what will today bring? / pics of moffat school / a realization / by Philip Tarlow

5 PM:¨ the realization i had after stopping work today was that i'm just not in a sit-down-for-hours-&-paint-flowers mode. i got very antsy and felt out of my groove. plus, i don't think either of those almond blossom painting are very good. so i'm not going to give either of them as a gift.

the space i'm in right now is a very active. i've evolved a way of working where i'm either standing or walking. i'm cutting, hammering, gluing, making big sweeping gestures with my fan brushes, scraping the surface...all very physical. i'm shifting directions in a flash, feeling that freedom of being able to go in any direction as long as it serves the integrity of the picture plane. so i'll return to that process tomorrow. see ya then!

2 PM: today's completed flowering apricots. BELOW LEFT: yesterday's version, RIGHT: today's

time to clean up & go up to the trail to take our walk. we've missed walking lately for various reasons, some weather related. you can definitely feel it in your body when you go too long without exercise. the next 3 days might be stormy, so lets get some walking in today! 

i'm anxious to get back into grey 18 tomorrow. i think it might change rather dramatically, and i do have some idea of a direction, but it might actually mean un-stretching & re-stretching it to do more collaging....

11 am: making the drawing for the final almond blossoms. next, i'll squeeze out the colors onto my palette & begin work. i'm catching the very last gasps of these blossoms, which are fast heading south. more pics in a bit. 







7:53 AM: gearing up for my day in the studio, starting, i hope, with the final flowering almond blossom study. this morning's sky may be a sign, pointing to the winter storm watch we are currently under.

BELOW are some pics form our tour yesterday afternoon of the beautiful new moffat, colorado school. having been on the local committee meeting with the architects, who were receiving and implementing local opinions and feedback in the planning stage, we felt proud.  funds from a best grant from the state were matched by local funds from taxes to create this school, which is now a jewell in our valley. our county saguache (pronunced sa-wash) is the poorest in all of colorado.