unusual day.....flowering almond branch / goodnight mountains! / by Philip Tarlow

7:26 PM: goodnight mountains!



11:36 AM: i decided, since today is a short work day, instead of trying to do anything further to grey 18, instead to make a color sketch for a gift i plan on giving to our wonderful friend, who gave us the flowering almond branch sunday night at dinner. i'll make the final, finished version tomorrow , when i have a full work day.

i had great fun; haven't painted flowers in a very long time! gotta do the final version tomorrow while they're still perky and fresh. when we look at this flowering almond branch, we get happy. which is why i said this may be the finest gift we ever received. if they were humans, they'd be adolescents right about now.

i kind of figured out what kind of prep i need to do to the paper for tomorrow, in order to get right to work. so i'll get that done right after my matcha tea.

BELOW: the colored pencil sketch preceded the version on the right, in acrylic on bristol paper.

BELOW: detail of grey 18, which will have to wait until tomorrow for further work.





























8:27 AM: short work day, if at all. we have a 1 PM meeting in moffat, about 1/2 hour away, so whatever i do on this painting will have to be quick! more later...here's a detail of how it looked at the end of my painting day yesterday: