the most beautiful gift / more work on grey 18... / by Philip Tarlow

4:30 PM: couldn't leave it in that state, so one more scrumble & i'm outta here!








3:50 PM: end of painting day; here's stage 4. work will continue tomorrow. for the moment at least, departing from the vermeer prototypes has perhaps resulted in a more painterly surface. but the painting has not yet found it's identity. is it a reflection in a large mirror? is it the events in the mirror jumping out, sticking their tongue out and wagging their tails? the map is not the territory.






1:35 PM: working on grey 18; here's stage 3

a samuri warrior photographed in 1867 & hand colored. i've got to paint this guy, just to get my hands on those robes!







At last night's dinner, we received what may be the most beautiful gift ever: a flowering apricot branch from the Zen Retreat Center garden. It's begging to be painted.....

i'm back at work on grey 18; more pics soon!