so what did you do today, tarlow? / by Philip Tarlow

10:30 PM: so tomorrow i plan on revisiting lacemaker III, which doesn't quite integrate with the other 12 in the grey series.












2:28 PM: un-stretched & re-stretched grey 16; made a birthday card for a friend whose surprise birthday party we're attending tonight in del norte, which is about a one hour drive.

a brief tour of the elements of my talk, above left: starting at the top & moving counter clockwise:

study of rocks & water in oil on canvas, 2002; below it are old palettes i've saved to use in collages; how to read chinese paintings, by maxwell k. hearn, published by the metropolitan museum; one of my warm-up exercises from 2012, done while looking at the calligraphy of huang tingjian, 11th century chinese calligrapher, in hearn's book; plein air painting in oil on linen, 2012; more abstracted plein air painting in oil on linen, 2014; the catalogue of the tsarouchis retrospective in 2010; grey 13, 32x32", mixed media on canvas, which was just completed.

you can guess what the unfolding of story will be, and how it all relates to the abstract collage/paintings i have in the reMARKable show opening this coming thursday at space gallery.