gooo-o-o-o-d morning vail valley!! / by Philip Tarlow

7:50 PM: glued to the tv watching michigan results as bernie remains ahead. a win would be a huge coup and a turning point for him, and for US!


RIGHT: a late, 1953 jackson pollock painting currently hanging in a dallas museum show, up through march 20. i was not aware of this period in pollock's work. in large part, this is due to the heavy emphasis by art historians and critics, especially the late clement greenberg, on his drip paintings. the fact that pollack was able to boldly come full circle and was not stuck, as were the critics on his iconic drip paintings, shows, in my opinion, his true stature as a monumental 20th century artist. 







BELOW: nine shots frmo today's adventures. if you click on the images, you'll see what they're about.

7:30 am: ready to go in 5. got the video camera, lunch box, and off we go to school!