a tweak to grey 16 before moving on to grey 17 / by Philip Tarlow

1 PM: latest version, and i'm going to stop here for the day so i don't over-tweak, and re-visit it tomorrow morning with fresh eyes. but i do think i did very good work today, although now i think there may be something i need to do with the other eye; her right eye.







11:20 AM: the first round of tweaks has taken place.  round two, coming up. the reddish-siena colors on left side of her face may have become too pronounced. it's a delicate adjustment, but one i should do soon, before i eat brunch. food clouds my perception; something you don't want when you're making tweaks.







BELOW: yesterday's version on the left. notice how her left eye has been pushed back, giving her a less menacing appearance; her right cheek has been made warmer; the patterning on her white collar and her yellow sleeve has become more pronounced; as have the white ribbons in her hair.




10:22 AM: when i brought grey 16 to the house yesterday afternoon, mikela immediately and accurately pointed out an issue with the left eye. i'm about to work on that & will post pics soon...