scrumble first, then ask questions..... / by Philip Tarlow

grey 16  32x32"  as it looked at 3 PM

3PM: my painting day has ended a bit early. the skies have darkened and it's begun snowing again. this is part of a strong winter storm system that has moved in from the west. temps have dropped, & once again it feels like winter.

i'll drive grey 16 back to the house, which is the best way for me to get a sense of where it's at. mikela's feedback is tremendously valuable as well; she has a great eye which, combined with her intimate knowledge of where i'm at on all levels: artistically; emotionally; energetically....

the pattern in this series seems to be that i pivot a lot until i find my groove. a space where nothing shouts or grabs your attention. rather, your eyes are guided to caress the picture surface; to experience the enigma and to enjoy the sensuality of the painterly surface. one of my goals in keeping this blog is to give you a window into the process of a painter, which is rarely if ever available in real time. obviously, a digital image can't substitue for the vivaciousness of the real, living work of art in the flesh. that said, i think the opportunity to follow the journey, my journey and the process each painting goes through, can give you, the visitor to my daily blog, a deeper appreciation of what i, and artists in general are up to. 


grey  16 drying after a morning scrumble





BELOW LEFT: grey 16 after a morning scrumble

BELOW RIGHT: grey 16 at 12:45 PM




11:43 AM: grey 16 underwent a scrumble first thing this morning and is now drying under my big-ass fan (not the brand, just a large, powerful fan)

it remains to be seen WTF happens next! that's right, i'm in a mood. not enough sleep.