a new day / by Philip Tarlow

example of a gorgone placed on an ancient building for protection

3:50 PM: got all the work done and made it back to the house just as it started blowing & snowing. i was able to stretch a new 32x32" canvas so i should be able to get started tomorrow morning. i'm leaning towards shifting, as i mentioned away from vermeer for now and using instead an image of a gorgone from ancient greece. the gorgone was a mythological creature. there are a few versions: one had hair made of living venomous snakes; the other turned those who looked at her to stone. take your pick!

because of this power, gorgones were placed on buildings for protectoin. the one that interests me visually is depicted in a mosaic found in the archeological museum in athens.you'll see the early stages tomorrow. but it's supposed to snow, and if it's too dark, i may not be able to paint.






12:44 PM: the slow, painstaking task of removing the staples to un-stretch and then re-stretch a canvas.

8:03 AM: a sunny morning, but clouds will increase as we experience a new round of snow tonight into tomorrow. before even going over to the studio, i'm pretty sure grey 14 is now complete. so i'll start my day un-stretching it and an older grey series painting, both stretched on masonite to facilitate collaging, and then re-stretching fresh canvas for two new paintings. on the right, grey 14 shot in a softer light and adjusted closer to the original.

as the paintings in this series multiply, i flip between two feelings; one is something like "why am i doing this?" and the other is urging me to find the right venue to show this new work, which i think is in europe. i am by no means finished with this direction, and now, in my studio at 11:15 a.m., i.m preparing for the next 2 paintings. more later.....