starting work on grey 14: the drawing / by Philip Tarlow

3:29 PM: .....and in a sudden pivot, he shifts the image to another version of the female figure in vermeer's self portrait from behind, the art of painting. just as i began to shift the imagery, the skies darkened and the natural light began to fail as snow began falling. so i'll clean my brushes and we'll see what tomorrow brings.

thus far, the juxtaposition of one image over the other in combination with the shapes and colors of the collaged pieces, is creating a rich, provocative surface; a balance of draftsmanship and the fortunate accident, with sexual innuendos and brazen gestural delight.

a cup of rich, thick hot chocolate on the champs elysees would be perfect right about now.

12:25 PM: stage 2 of the preliminary drawing and stage 4, just before shifting the imagery.






11:39 am: just made a drawing on the canvas for the next grey series painting: grey 14, which will be based on a portion of vermeer's the music lesson. pics of todays process as they become available.