late posts till monday / by Philip Tarlow

talking about the completed grey 13

3:55 PM:  i've grown used to documenting my process of making a painting hour by hour. so not having a signal in the studio is a drag. the technician came today and scoped it out. there are a few things he didn't have with him, so he'll be back sunday afternoon to install the devices on the roofs of the studio & the house, and i should have a far stronger and more dependable wi-fi signal. 

until then, i'll be doing these afternoon posts. today was about un-stretching and re-stretching so i could take grey 13 to the house after getting it off the stretcher bar with the heavy wood backing. that's right, the same one that fell on my head.

so now i'm ready to start painting again tomorrow. in the mean time, i discovered something very interesting about vermeer's girl with the red hat. i'll write about that, with pics, later, when we get back from our walk.

also, i'm doing a short 20-30 minute talk at the opening of the 4 person show i'm in, on april 7th, so i'm thinking about what points i want to make.