back but can't paint yet / an early evening walk / by Philip Tarlow

6:49 PM: we took a short walk just opposite our house at sunset, enjoying the vast expanse of our SLV valley. the valley floor is 7,500 ft. & our house is at 8,000 ft. i decided today, because of my post concussion lingering symptoms, to do some works on paper for the next few days, which requires less physical energy than the larger works on stretched canvas. 

12:40 PM: i entered my studio this morning for the first time in a week. when i began scanning the paintings on my studio wall, one of which (the middle one) i had planned on working on today, i realized right away i just wasn't up to it. in that moment, i realized just how much focus and energy painting demands. my body let me know immediately. 

it's a great day to walk up the trail, but i don't know if i'm up for that either. maybe i'll try walking up a little bit with mikela and see how it goes. tricky, these concussions. they demand patience.