minor tweaks / by Philip Tarlow

9:14 PM: just back from a party at a friend's house, where we saw and re-connected with many old crestone friends. one of them, who we hadn't seen in a couple of years, laid out for me the reason why he feels that the berkshire hills in western massachusetts are deeply connected to crestone, in the san luis valley. i've never met anyone with this opinion, and it explained a lot for me. visit my story page to read about my childhood experiences in  the berkshires. click on the link below to visit my story page.

this afternoon, having resolved lacemaker III, i launched into a new painting: grey 10, 38x38". it's at a very early stage and, in keeping with my philosophy of transparancy, i'm posting this pic.

there are already collaged elements, along with a sketch  loosely based on a detail of vermeer's young woman with a water jug, 1660-62. in each of the paintings in this series, i draw on my visual and kinesthetic memory bank; the flotsam and jettsam of torn billboards in the paris metro; early byzantine icons in sinai; tsarouchis at work on his sailor series in his maroussi studio; hans kline stretching a canvas in his provincetown studio.....

9:56 AM: this morning i'll make a few minor tweaks to lacemaker III. after hanging it in the house and gazing critically at it, both mikela and i spotted one small area in the lower right corner that needs to be pushed back, so that it no longer grabs your attention at the expense of the whole. this is it on the right. BELOW: before & after

BELOW: the painting as it looks right now, post tweaks.