continuing work on "grey2-the lacemaker III" / by Philip Tarlow

3:40 PM: couldn't leave it that way, so a did a radical re-work, which brings to mind the great diebenkorn. gone are most traces of vermeer's lacemaker, which pulses beneath this composition nonetheless. i rather like it this way.

2:20 PM: here's where the collage is at right now. debating whether or not to stop for the day. visually, the painting/collage actually makes more sense when it's flipped. click on the image to make it full page, go back & forth & see what you think. either way, the painting/collage is not yet resolved. the canvas seems to be divided into 2 parts, separate but equal. as if you had cut a horse & a hippo in half & glued them together in the middle. this painting is a hip-orse! we'll address that tomorrow.

the image of the lacemaker is barely detectable (her head is that pink oval in the upper central quadrant). collaged elements are dispersed throughout the composition, and include fragments of a '40's walking map of maryland; one of many old family maps generously given to me by my friend dan.

during our recent trip to vail/edwards i was reminded of the abundance of bad art, or better yet non-art there is out there. i'm not a snob, but i do get pissed when i see just how much crap is floating around out there. it's no different, really, than the lack of discernment we see in politics. low information voters are not all that different from low information gallery goers.

as i continue work on this collage, i am being interrupted by stuff that i need to handle, involving multiple phone calls and being on hold for extended periods. so i'm folding that in to my process. as you know if you read these posts regularly, i am all about process.