oh-h-h-h- boy! / by Philip Tarlow

6:51 PM:  so we took our walk, made our bernie calls & are watching a little t.v. as i review today's work in the studio, 

2:30 PM: stopping for the day. here are 3 stages grey 13 went through today. stages 1-2-3, below left to right.

we're driving to denver tomorrow, then back for the 3/1 caucus; then to edwards to work more with the teachers & kids who are now implementing our product, actionlab360, in creating their projects, which they'll present in may. so i'll have over a weeks break before getting back to work on grey 13.

12:32 PM: making the drawing

the blank canvas







11:37 AM: i am SO excited.....the next 3-6 months should prove to be perhaps the most fruitful of my life as an artist. without revealing too much...i'm a little superstitious about that...i can say that it will involve a continuation of the grey/vermeer series. i'm about to begin the drawing for the one; grey 13. pics as they become available.

BELOW: examining the image i'll be working from