scrumbling "grey 12" / by Philip Tarlow

2:30 PM: one final critical tweak before leaving for our walk. BELOW:  before the tweak, left & after, right.








2 PM: a tad frizzled and be-dozzled, i'm done for the day. done painting that is. we'll walk up the trail, followed by a land trust meeting, followed by an hour of bernie calls, which we're committed to right up to the nomination and then the election.


i introduced more collaged elements, including a bit of francis bacon and a map. it was getting boring & needed a kick in the pants. BELOW left: the current state, and on the right, a detail.







12 PM: here are stages 1 & 2 of my work on "grey 12" this morning. there's a fork in the road here; let's see where it leads....

10:35 AM:  


a word i made up to describe the process of loosly applying a wash of off white to the entire surface, and then scraping/rubbing/dragging the palette knife over the surface while it's still wet, then painting back into it. the eye, rather than getting stuck on the details, such as lips, eye or hat, moves smoothly across the picture plane. there is more choice, more freedom on the part of the viewer to alight here or there. the mind/eye fills in suggested details as it fabricates it's own meanings. one has the capacity to dream more easily, while at the same time being able to notice and appreciate the painterly passages as painterliness.