continuing work on grey 12 / by Philip Tarlow

noon: i enter the zone, then reach a point where i kind of wake up & come out of it and then that's it; i can't do any more & have to wait till the next morning. so i've reached that point now. it's convenient because it's rapidly clouding over & the light is fading. we're expecting 2-4 inches of new snow tonight, after over a week of unseasonably warm temps in the mid-50's. 

an interesting thing happened a while ago: mikela came over to make a bernie related call. she had to use my cell phone, which i have here & which gets much better reception than at the house. at first, i read that as a distraction. as the call went on, i had a faint awareness that it was keeping me out of my head, and was a good thing. however you look at it, creativity is a fucking mystery!!

after bringing grey 12 to this point, it's tempting to re-visit grey 11, which i think i could take further. i'll see in the morning. it no longer has the hard masonite backing to facilitate collaging, so i would have to forego that, unless i want to un-stretch & re-stretch again, which is a big pain in the ass. i guess that's why some artists have assistants! the removal of staples and the stretching process are very hard on my right forearm, where i have work-related tendonitis.

11:58 AM: 4 stages that grey 12 went through this morning. i was unusually good about stopping frequently to shoot the latest version. the earliest is on the upper left....

10:54 AM: working on it; about to transfer to the easel.






9:38 AM: this painting will undergo significant changes today. i can't wait to begin!!!!!!! pics as they become available.