clarifying confusion re:grey 10 / grey 12 begins / by Philip Tarlow

2:30 PM: small changes: some pinks were introduced to the face, and i'm stopping for the day, to be continued tomorrow morning. we're going to walk up north crestone creek trail, then come home & make our bernie calls. we each do about an hour a day, leading up to the caucus march 1.







12:20 PM: here's stage 3 of grey 12. collaged elements have been introduced and painted over with sennelier phthalo blue acrylic. it's occurring to me, and i've had this thought before, that i'd like to do a series, with all the major stages of a painting. so, for example, i'd stop here and start a new one, which i'd take a bit further, then start another one, etc. cool, don't you think? i think 6 would be good. so i'd need 6 canvases stretched over masonite for collage support. and that, my friends, is one of the values of keeping a blog. it's like you're in conversation with yourself, but you know others are following. SO cool!!

11:13 AM: stages 1 & 2 of grey 12. stage one is a riff on huang tingjian's (1045-1105 AD) biographies of lian po and lin xiangru. huang was a poet/calligrapger. he shared the view of his contemporary su shi that calligraphy should be spontaneous and self expressive...."a picture of the mind." 

in stage 2, a drawing in soft water soluable aguarelável, based upon vermeer's girl with the pearl earring,  appears

nest stop: collages pieces consisting of maps, old articles, cut pieces of white & brown paper in biomorphic shapes, etc.


9:19 AM: a friend was somewhat confused about the progression of what eventually became grey 10. so here's what i wrote her, with the following pics:

Here's the final version of Grey 10, based on The girl with the Red Hat.On Feb. 14 it was "The Love Letter." I was frustrated with this version because the elements on the left & rightof the doorway seemed like filler,  rather than an integral part of the composition. So I got radical & painted over it,and it became another variation of The Girl in the Red Hat.

That said, I'm still a bit regretful to have lost the part of that Love Letter painting you see in the detail I've attached It is, I think, a beautiful passage. But, as Bob Dylan said when someone asked him about his label asked him to changea line in one of his songs, "sure, I've got a million of them!" (this from a musician friend in LA, who was present when this happened.

9:31 AM: heading to the studio after i meditate to begin grey 12. i'm truckin'