getting to work early / by Philip Tarlow

2 PM: stopping here for the day. this painting is just itching for a scrumble.  i say, let it rest for 24 hours, enjoy the silence of the night alone in the studio, and lets see where it takes me tomorrow.

from a january blog post:

*scrumbling: a word i made up to describe scraping/rubbing/dragging the palette knife over the surface, then painting back into it. the eye, rather than getting stuck on the details, such as her lips or hat, moves smoothly across the picture plane. there is more choice, more freedom on the part of the viewer to alight here or there. the mind/eye fills in suggested details as it fabricates it's own meanings. one has the capacity to dream more easily, while at the same time being able to notice and appreciate the painterly passages as painterliness.


grey 11, 38x38"  at 1 pm






1 PM: current state of grey 11. it's too literal, but all the paintings in the grey series go through this phase. i have to keep reminding myself: you can't sacrifice the integrity of the picture plane for a pretty face.

grey 11 at 11 am, wrapped in a swirling cloud






10:40 AM: listening to: maria callas with gino penno singing an aria from il trovatore. surely one of the peaks in musical history.

10:04 AM: i'm getting back to work relatively early on grey 11, to allow for a full afternoon, when i have a meeting to attend.