looking back / preparing for a new 38x38" painting / by Philip Tarlow

8:33 PM: today i mainly focused on taking care of non-painting stuff that had been piling up. financila stuff, Actionlab communications, and so on.

once i had that handled, i began prep for a new 38x38" painting/collage, which may be a companion piece to the just completed grey 10. i should be able to start tomorrow morning, after some un-stretching & stretching of canvases that needs to happen first.

rom late 2014here's a small (16x16") painting collage from late 2014 that represents a bridge between my previous ano kato series and my current grey series. there is a companion piece, but these are the only two paintings constituting that bridge.

click on the grey and ano kato dropdown menus to view these two series.