grey 10/lacemaker III process / by Philip Tarlow

grey 10/lacemaker III  38x38"  at the end of my work day






2:41 pm: stopping for the day; going for a walk up to the stupa! hoping there's not too much snow & ice on the trail, a steep uphill about a mile to the top. BELOW: details of the lower left & upper right quadrants.

1:19 pm: about to take a lunch break; here's where the painting is at. and on the right, a cutout piece of paper slathered with mat medium & ready to be placed on the painting and smoother out & flattened, so that there are no air bubbles. hate the air bubbles! the stretched canvas is resting on a piece of masonite, making it easier to press hard with a spatula and make sure the paper is completely flat.