the last of the 16 vail tedx speaker portraits / looking back / by Philip Tarlow

12:34 PM: as i was adjusting the portraits to send for publication, i ran across this painting, which was part of my 2014 ANO KATO series. 16x16" oil on linen. it was based on a photo taken in MOMA.






7:16 PM: this is the last portrait of the 16 VAIL TEDX speakers: elizabeth howe. it took a while to locate the right photograph. eventually, i found a clip in a video of her being interviewed.  

unexpectedly, i felt a strong rush of emotions as i completed this cycle of 16 portraits. i think you may be able to tell by your own emotional response to my portrait of elizabeth, who is in charge of the ski lifts at vail ski resort.

we'll see what happens today in the studio, now that i'm free to move on to other things.