back to work on gaze 36 in a few hours / by Philip Tarlow

2:52 PM: i did a lot of work today, but it's not there yet. it was a beautiful painting yesterday, but it seemed too easy. trying to integrate a portion of vermeer's the art of painting has thus far been more in my head than the visceral experience it needs to be. wrapping up for the day.

11:42 AM: ABOVE: scrumbling gaze 36 before continuing to paint into it. more pics as i progress. 

with gaze 36, 32x32"  2 days ago

8:15 am: i should arrive in the studio about 10 am & get back to work on gaze 36 shortly after making my morning matcha tea & toast. the excitement and mystery, the anticipation of entering uncharted waters fuels my aliveness, creating an almost palpable sexual tension.