back in the studio / by Philip Tarlow

2:28 PM: well, i did do a bit of work on my first day back in the studio. predictably (oh how i hate predictability) i obliterated the previous image. the entire surface was washed over with a very light mauve-ish color, and then collage was applied in 3 areas, one of which was cut from my favorite '40's map of maine, kindly given me by my friend dan. no new image has yet appeared, which is rare. i mean it's rare for me to leave after a days work with no recognizable imagery other than a very faint view of the previous image peeking through in spots.

in it's current "abstract" state, it reflects my love for biomorphic shapes. it sings that song on this overcast, windy day, as i prepare to end my painting day/

7:22 am: 40.8F, humidity 65%, 40% chance rain to snow. Good morning Crestone/Baca! Chances for continued work on Gaze 35: 80%. Here's how it looked when we left, Nov. 10. 

our 3 1/2 drive home was easy & peppered with de-brief comments about our time in the classroom in edwards as well as the dinner we hosted at our friend kat's last night. this morning i'm going to attempt to get back to work on gaze 35; normally it takes a day or two to re-adjust, so this will be a record.