preparing / by Philip Tarlow

2:45 PM: amazingly, i was able to get some work done on gaze 35 today! i say amazingly because normally on the day before a trip, and especially when we're expecting dinner guests, i'm in a state & can't even think about painting.

it's in a very interesting place, and will just have to wait till we're back to evolve to the next stage. while her eyes are not visible, this does not detract from the intensity of her gaze, and may actually increase it.

my attempt with this one, technically speaking, has been to keep it very fresh; so, for the moment, no collaging or layering has taken place.






10:45 AM: this morning i've been preparing for our trip to edwards, where we will once again be working with the kids at the middle school. as usual. i'll be videotaping while mikela gets them onto our updated site, so that they can begin using it to move ahead with their projects.

i always take way longer than mikela in my preparations for leaving. i take more stuff, which i never end up needing, as well as being responsible for packing up all our coffee making stuff.

i was hoping to get in some more work on the new gaze 35, which may or may not happen. we'll see as the day progresses.