final strokes / by Philip Tarlow

1:43 PM: last night our dear friend tamar came over for a visit. she has a very refined eye; she spent her early years in italy restoring great masterpieces of the italian renaissance, and sees things most would miss. her feedback on glaze 34, which i brought over to the house, was spot on. i mean, spot on!

so earlier today i brought gaze 34 back to the studio and commenced gently re-working the sections she had pointed out might need work. 

to fully appreciate what's going on here, it will be helpful to review my 10/30 post on the aesthetic of the worn & torn.

BELOW: the chronological stages of gaze 34, starting today on the upper left, and going back to the initial drawing, october 3, on the lower left. if you click on that drawing, making it full screen, and then keep clicking on the left arrow, you'll have a sense of the stages this painting went through before reaching it's current resolved state.