preparing for gaze 34, 38x38" / by Philip Tarlow

gaze 34, 38x38" stage 1

4:38 PM: i stopped for the day, but i had an interruption at 2, so i didn't take gaze 34 as far as i would have liked. 

tomorrow an image will appear on top of the patterned surface you see here. although it won't remain this way, i kind of like looking at these early stages. as an abstract painting, it doesn't really hold up. as an early stage in my process, it sings.

BELOW: the initial drawing of one of the students at a school in the vail valley, where we've been piloting actionlab360. 













11 am:i'm preparing to launch into gaze 34 shortly. as yet, the image i'll be creating, at least for starters, is unknown. love the unknown! my east studio wall, which usually has the most recent painting hanging, when it;s not on the easel, is bare for the moment.