stretching canvas for gaze 34 and 35 / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL: gaze 33, 38x36" acrylic & collage on canvas

today i'm stretching 2 canvases; one 32x32" and another 38x38" for gaze 34 & 35. i had to interrupt to drop mikela off at a meeting and get our weekly fruit & veggies at the kiosk in crestone. sadly, this will be their last trip to crestone (they drive 3 hours to get here) until next spring. today they had some very tasty small dark blue grapes in addition to the plums, apples, tomatoes, corn, onions etc. they normally have.

i'm not doing any more work on gaze 33 for the moment. this afternoon i'll bring it to the house & see how it holds up with it's brothers & sisters. this painting of mikela is a departure from the vermeer & fayum based images i used for the rest of the series. i'm proposing to the sales staff at gremillion in houston that they  propose to some of their clients that i make a large scale (32x32 or 38x38" or whatever dimensions they like) portrait of someone in their family, in the style of my gaze series. if, when the paintings is complete, they don't like it, they have no obligation to purchase. how can you go wrong? I'm starting to sound like donald!