getting to work early today / by Philip Tarlow

2:23 PM: i did some tweaks to gaze 33, which is a portrait based on a 1992 photo of mikela in a hat, and i think they made a big difference, and that the painting seems resolved now. on the left below, the previous version, right: after today's tweaks. areas i worked on that you can compare: left brim of the hat, which was extended upwards; whites of her eye, where a slight accent was applied; white accents on the t-shirt; modification of the area above her right eye, so that the dots are less prominent; slight breaking up of the area of grey to our right of her face; subtle highlight on the tip of her nose and a few highlights on the gold color of her earring.

then i continued work on gaze 34, which has morphed several times and is now inspired by a 1st c. fayum portrait. it has potential, but it's far from resolved, so we'll see what happens tomorrow morning. below left: how the painting looked this morning, right: at the end of my painting day today.

9:56 AM: as i slip back into my groove after returning from our travels, i should be getting to work shortly, as soon as i have my matcha tea.

not yet sure what direction i'll take; the good news is, it's totally my call!

here i am with gaze 33 & 34,  in a preview of my halloween outfit.