re-entering the studio / by Philip Tarlow

gaze 34, 38x36,"  as it looked at the end of my painting day

2:34 PM: it's way too gorgeous out to not do a short trail hike, so i'm stopping for the day. i ripped back in to gaze 34, obliterating the first image of a myrtyred kurdish fighter & returning to vermeer's woman with a necklace. while it's far from resolved, i like the way the space is broken up now, and envision something similar happening with gaze 33, which is too attached to the photo of mikela in a hat & needs to break out of that form. judging by recent history, it seems i just can't learn that the integrity of the image & the picture plane trumps all else. so i simply have to keep it real, and continue to wander out on that always frightening and engaging precipice. 



12:51 PM: getting back to work on gaze 34, and preparing to revise gaze 33, which i brought back to the studio this morning. when we returned from our trip last night, it jumped off the wall in the house and begged for revisions. so once i've resolved gaze 33, which is hanging on the wall, i'll go back into 33, which is on the easel.