drawings by middle school kids / by Philip Tarlow

2:46PM: end of the school day. the kids have done some prep work, creating 4 imaginary projects and finding photos to go with them, so that when they load the site, they'll have material to post, allowing them to get a feel for how actionlab works. they're chomping at the bit, but will likely have to wait till friday, since our IT guy ran into a bug today that needed to be fixed. our whole team is getting more and more excited as the reality hits that we're finally going live. 

we drove to edwards this morning to spend 3 days introducing middle school kids to actionlab.

actionlab is our startup company. it's a web based learning environment designed to increase student engagement, support project based experiences and prepare students for a self directed workplace.

here's a selection of drawings related to the "what if we lost?" (the war of independence) project. the players change, the cycle of oppression and revolution remains constant.