more work on "the girl with the red hat" / by Philip Tarlow

12:40 PM: another scrumble. here's the current state. this painting is now closer in it's aesthetic to the rest of my grey series. click on grey on the menu bar to view all 6 paintings. 

10:22 AM: nope, just not satisfied. when i compare this painting to the rest of the series, it falls short. and the reason, i believe, is that i've become too focused on the face. it's so seductive to be drawn into whether or not the eyes are the right distance from one another. who cares? that's just not the point! so, once i complete my meditation, i'll take it back to the studio for another round. stay tuned...

below: an example of what i mean; in the lacemaker, on the left, the eye roves freely over the picture plane. although there are details, such as her locks or her hands, none of them overshadow the whole.