"all stories are the same" / by Philip Tarlow

3pm: end of painting day; stage 2 of grey6/the love letter:


BELOW1 pm: stage 1 of the painting

11;45 AM: just started the drawing for grey6/the love letter in off white paint. below right: stretching the canvas for the second version on white primed canvas.

10:20 am: in the studio preparing for grey6/the love letter. i've decided to make 2 versions. the first will be painted over the grey series canvas you see here on my easel. the second will be on an unpainted, white primed canvas i'm about to stretch.

the drink you see next to my staple gun is hot unsweetened soy milk + water with fresh grated organic ginger & tumeric with a ilttle pepper + a drizzle of maple syrup.

from an article in this week's The Atlantic:

As the art critic Robert Hughes observed:

With scarcely an exception, every significant artist of the last hundred years, from Seurat to Matisse, from Picasso to Mondrian, from Beckmann to de Kooning, was drilled (or drilled himself ) in “academic” drawing—the long tussle with the unforgiving and the real motif which, in the end, proved to be the only basis on which the real formal achievements of modernism could be raised. Only in that way was the right radical distortion within a continuous tradition earned, and its results raised above the level of improvisory play ... The philosophical beauty of Mondrian’s squares and grids begins with the empirical beauty of his apple trees.

9:25 am: in half an hour i'll be heading over to the studio to continue prep for grey 6/the love letter