wallace stevens / drive to alamosa / makers spaces / by Philip Tarlow

3 pm: on my way back from the post office i thought "hey, we could take our n. crestone trail walk now, before we go to alamosa...it's such a gorgeous day!" when i got back to the house, mikela came out to greet me with a big smile. "i've got an idea! let's go......" just now back, it was fantriffic! here are some pics. now we're lying down watching colbert (taped) before taking off for alamosa.

8:03 am: POEM FOR THE DAY, by the great american poet, wallace stevens (1879-1955)








9:45 am: the fact that ii didn't sleep very well combined with having to leave around 3 for alamosa is making me feel like it's not the right day to commence work on parade 52. instead, i'll continue with my proofing of the actionlab curriculum and take care of some stuff i've been putting off. 

we won't be able to take our creek walk this afternoon, so we'll resume tomorrow around 3:45. this afternoon we'll leave for alamosa, a 50 mile drive south, where we're  having dinner with a stellar teacher from one of the schools there. we're collaborating with him on introducing our actionlab platform to the students at his school starting at the end of this month. he's a very cool guy, lots of fun to work with and full of great ideas. then we'll attend a meeting of the group who launched steamshop, the new makers space in alamosa. our goal is to get the community engaged, while researching grants and looking for a new, bigger and more suitable space to house steamshop. if you've never heard of makers spaces, just google it and you'll see that this concept is rapidly growing, and they can be found in most American cities.