back to school / by Philip Tarlow

ON THE RIGHT: a shot from the wood working shop in an alamosa middle school, where we worked with 3 classes this past monday.

7:13 am: we're sitting in starbucks. i brought all my coffee making stuff, but neglected to bring a key ingredient: SOY MILK!

in an hour we'll be at the edwards middle school, where we'll reconnect with all our student & teacher friends and begin the process of supporting the kids in fnding their project ideas, choosing one and developing it to the point where they present it in december. right now we'll be hand delivering our actionlab curriculum and the exercises, until the platform is ready to use at the end of october. i'll be video taping the entire process, through tomorrow. friday we present the product to a group of teachers so they can have a better idea of what it is before diving in. 

more about our day with the kids later, with pics.